These designs are made of high quality ink based transfers. The transfer is heat pressed into the shirt and dyes the fabric of the shirt. There is no feel to the design and looks like it was printed onto the shirt. This allows the design to have a vintage look if using a cotton poly mix. The lighter the color and higher count of polyester of the shirt, the brighter the image will be. We have a few styles of shirts available. few things about our printed shirts. They must be applied on at least 50% polyester shirts . A 50% polyester item will give you a faded, vintage look as the item is washed. Use 100% polyester for best results. The higher the poly count the better the color.  Print colors will vary due to computer screen monitors as these are mock ups. If you use a colored shirt (light gray, light pink, mint) where there is white on the design it will become the color of the shirt. . We can design custom designs or you can send us your ideas!


These designs are bright and true to color. We use a high quality heat transfer vinyl and apply to the shirt with a professional grade heat press. While HTV is not permanent with proper care it can last a long time on the item.


Screen printing is ink that is placed through a silk screen and by using a squeegee pressed through the screen to lay the ink directly on the shirt or onto a transfer paper. At this time we only use the transfer paper method where the print is laid onto a paper and then we adhere it to the shirt using a professional grade heat press.